How to Start an Inspirational Blog About Your Interior Design Ideas

Blogs about everything are everywhere. But you can climb to the top of the proverbial pile with a blog of your own. You can inspire and motivate with your interior design ideas. So, sit back, relax, and read on to discover how you can start a blog that radiates with readers of similar interests and passions.

Have Knowledge of What You Are Talking About

The best blogs are knowledgeable with a tinge of humor and lots of interesting tips and advice. Therefore, you should know what you are talking about. Don’t just get on your blog and ramble, because no one responds kindly to that. Study up, research, and gain knowledge about your design passions before becoming a blogger on the topic. For instance, if you are talking about interior design firms in New York
, make sure you include examples, numbers, reviews, and statistics about the companies.

Show a Passion for Interior Design in Your Words

Anybody can read a magazine to delve into the world of professional interior design, but your blog is probably a DIY for the everyday designer. This means projects from things around the house, or hardware store stuff that you can do on your own. So, instead of writing in a professional manner, be yourself. Write in your own words. Express your interior design ideas, but inject some of your personality and humor into every post.

Take Pictures and Show Examples Whenever Possible

If you have a DIY interior design project that sounds awesome, do it and take lots of pictures. Or, dig up some examples from the interwebs (with the blessings of those authors and designers). Your readers need to SEE how these things are done. Because, while instructions are great, seeing is believing in the world of interior design.

Ask Your Audience to Engage and Interact with Their Own Ideas

Towards the end of your blog posts, encourage your readers to engage with you and interact by responding to your ideas and projecting their own ideas. Encourage them to be bold and passionate about their love of interior design. And make it possible for your viewers to communicate and connect with your directly via an interactive app.

Some of the best bloggers have been blogging for years, in the same way some of the best interior designers have been delving into home décor for decades. Your blog should be inspirational and motivational. But never lose sight of your underlying passion for interior design; the one that made you want to blog about it in the first place.